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Brexit will prove a costly mistake
Letters 17-02

It is my belief that the EU is in good shape, united, and making good progress, economically, socially, and financially

Brexit is no fascist coup
Letters 09-02

Your point is poorly put to say the least on the view that a minority are deciding what happens to Britain
Letters, MaltaToday, 29 January 2016
Timely article on deceased estates
Letters 27-01

I was completely dumbfounded by the replies I received from the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services a...
The importance of reading fiction
Letters 20-01

The easiest way to make sure that we raise literate children, is by showing them that reading is a pleasurable...
Right of reply on Foundation for Tomorrow’s Schools
Letters 08-01

Saviour Balzan reported in his defamatory article information had been disclosed by an informant who is e...
Pope has every right to investigate Knights of Malta
Letters 04-01

Pope Francis has every right to investigate the termination of Albrecht von Boeselager
ODZ home for the elderly should not be built in Birgu
Letters 28-12

The Vittoriosa Historcal & Cultural Society encourages the developers to find a better location in the are...
This language debate must calm down
Letters 23-12

Dr Sarah Grech • The Maltese language question might be a sensitive one, but this is also an exciting opp...
Birgu home for the elderly would be ‘destructive blow’
Letters 22-12

I trust that the Vittoriosa Local Council, which is due to discuss and consider the ODZ infringement applicati...
Regulator needs to take action on coop
Letters 16-12

The majority of fishermen are totally disoriented and disconnected from the Coop
Letters, MaltaToday, 4 December 2016
Letters 04-12

Letters in MaltaToday on Sunday
Europe: problems to the left of it, problems to the right
Letters 25-11

The truth is that the EU is not working well for every European nation
ARMS managers say there’s no eco-reduction of 25%
Letters 18-11

ARMS senior manager Nikita Zammit Alamango explained that the 25% reduction had nothing to do with a...
Paceville: Letter to Environment Committee MPs
Letters 14-11

Only Parliament has the power to ensure that any development projects are planned with the citizen at their ve...
Cutting down congestion: a proposal
Letters 24-10

Combating congestion using an even-, odd-numbered regstration plates system?