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Incompetence in Malta’s public transport system
Letters 08:23

Malta’s public transport is presently in dire straits, with a lack of punctuality and missed journeys being a daily occurrence.

Are we a vindictive people?
Letters 05-01

In order that nobody thinks we are vindictive, we give some money for charity as a hypocritical defence mechan...
Parties’ rare unity on hunting at Majjistral
Letters 02-01

Representations made by the park managers advising against this extension, were ignored by the Government, and...
Safe City operation | Letters to the Editor
Letters 22-12

Healthy debate was generated by MaltaToday's article on facial recognition CCTV, on matters related to pri...
Avoiding modal shift
Letters 15-12

There are far, far more bicycles used for commuting to work each day
On World AIDS Day
Letters 08-12

The incidence of HIV in Malta is on the increase - 'now, Let's End It'
Watermelon Production drama on TVM
Letters 01-12

The story titled 'John Bundy faced two sexual harassment claims while at PBS’ makes untrue statement...
Vatican lawsuit against Futura Funds
Letters 26-11

As previously reported by MaltaToday, Futura Investment Management is taking legal action against the Vatican ...
A short open letter to Mr Tajani
Letters 12-11

Dear Mr Tajani, I write this short note to exercise my right to freedom of expression, to bring to attention t...
Gozo Channel direct orders
Letters 05-11

The Gozo Channel denies allegations made in the article entitled 'Pre-electoral Gozo Channel jobs costing ...
A pantheon of saints
Letters 01-11

The Church has 'patron saints' for everything but in Reformation England, 'the idea of praying to ...
The day that changed Malta
Letters 27-10

Malta has changed, but the brutal murder of Daphne casts an unwelcome light on Malta that many in Europe thoug...
Malta Philharmonic Orchestra’s nurturing of young talent
Letters 06-10

There was some bad publicity in the media about the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) as of late but her...
A new definition for ‘vulnerable’
Letters 22-09

In terms of vulnerable members of our society, ' enormous steps in the right directions are being ach...
Can I sell my Maltese citizenship?
Letters 15-09

'If a person such as myself wants to sell Maltese citizenship, what are my options'?
Post-truth world not good for man’s future
Letters 08-09

Parliaments are important, as are political leaders, but people suffer in spite of expectations so much so tha...