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Hard for Ira to walk on water
Letters 07-06

Walk On Water was imposed by so called artistic experts replacing the one chosen by the Maltese nation and the...
Public transport disruption for religious festa
Letters 07-06

Public transport along Malta’s busiest route should not be disrupted for the sake of religious functions...
Unfounded reports on Air Malta engineering
Letters 07-06

Air Malta is focused on a company-wide due diligence review and already auditors have assessed the Engineering...
Environmental credentials
Letters 06-06

For the first time we have an autonomous Authority to focus on environmental protection. The environment is no...
Seized harmless auto-pistol still not released
Letters 02-06

Police records prove that at no time since the possession of my very first firearm had I ever violated or abus...
Is high-rise the way forward?
Letters 01-06

One can understand the business thinking from a number of Maltese entrepreneurs but what is also very clear is...
Retirement: informed decisions that count
Letters 19-05

Aaron Farrugia • Avoiding mandatory pension systems is the right way forward as Maltese will have the opp...
Setting the record straight, again, on the Strickland will
Letters 18-05

Robert Hornyold Strickland • The Sunday Times of Malta and The Times do not consider this case to be news...
A quarry for the elderly
Letters 04-05

Paul Fenech • In an island characterised by division, the fact that three Local Councils – those of...
Strickland Foundation’s rightful seat is in Lija
Letters 04-05

by Ronald Agius, Strickland Foundation acting chairman
Strickland Foundation must come clean
Letters 26-04

Robert Hornyold-Strickland • My concerns over dividend payments in excess of €2.5 million have very ...
Wanted: sperm donor, good looking, high IQ
Letters 23-04

by Suzanne Vella and Martha Fitz
We are only as strong as we are united
Letters 04-04

By Sara Ezabe
Letters: 3 April 2016
Letters 04-04

Letters: 27 March 2016
Letters 28-03