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[WATCH] Bishop Magro to return to Benghazi church after meeting Pope
National 24-02

'Like a shepherd who can't abandon his flock, I cannot leave the members of my community alone'
Call me a sceptic, but… | Alfred Sant
Interview 23-02

Former Prime Minister (now MEP) Alfred Sant has criticised the EU’s approach to the eurozone crisis, and...
Fighting fear with facts | Mark Sultana
Interview 15-02

SHout campaigner Mark Sultana outlines the main arguments in favour of a ‘No’ vote in the forthcom...
Stuck in a cultural rut | Alex Torpiano
Interview 08-02

Architect and dean of the University’s Faculty for the Built Environment, Alex Torpiano, vents his frust...
Is the ‘European Dream’ crumbling? |  Roderick Pace
Interview 01-02

Last weekend’s election in Greece seems to indicate a widening gulf between European institutions, and a...
‘Don’t write anyone off so easily’ | Simon Busuttil
Interview 26-01

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil defends his record at the helm of the Nationalist Party, in the face of scept...
Beauty and the broadcasting beast | Owen Bonnici
Interview 21-01

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici has inherited public broadcasting from the spoils of Manuel Mallia’s forme...
A tale of two Libyas
Interview 15-01

Attempts to interview the Tobruk government’s representative Al-Habib Al-Amin proved futile as the charg...
We’re all Charlie now… | Frederic Depetris
Interview 13-01

Despite the horror of last Wednesday’s massacre in Paris, Frederic Depetris, deputy head of the French d...
The long road ahead | Carmelo Abela
Interview 05-01

Carmelo Abela has inherited not only the Home Affairs and National Security Ministry, but political responsibi...
Now you ‘seafood’, now you don’t… | JD Farrugia
Interview 22-12

Overfishing does not only threaten marine wildlife, but also the fishing industry itself. Conservation activis...
I will take (tough) decisions | Michael Falzon
Interview 16-12

Michael Falzon promises that he will not shrink from taking tough decisions on development boundaries, land re...
Honesty is the best policy | Simon Busuttil
Interview 08-12

PN leader Simon Busuttil on his desire to change the way politics is done in Malta and restore people’s ...
Recovering the PN’s ‘heart and soul’ | Therese Comodini Cachia
Interview 01-12

Apart from representing the PN at the European Parliament, Therese Comodini Cachia also chairs the PN’s ...
No gain for the middle class | Tonio Fenech
Interview 24-11

As PN finance minister, Tonio Fenech presented six consecutive budgets and according to the seasoned politicia...