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So near and yet SOFA | Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley
Interview 21-09

A ‘Status of Forces Agreement’ would be beneficial for both Malta and the USA, according to US Amb...
Solidarity takes many forms | Rob Luke
Interview 14-09

The UK is often criticised for showing lack of solidarity on the migration front. British High Commissioner Ro...
Action speaks louder than public declarations | Katrine Camilleri
Interview 07-09

There is nothing stopping the government from providing ‘safe, legal’ passage for asylum seekers. ...
Flying on borrowed time | Klaus Gossler
Interview 31-08

The next 12 to 18 months are critical for the survival of Air Malta. Chief Financial Officer Klaus Gossler exu...
Migration needs to be managed better | Chris Catrambone
Interview 24-08

The Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) has rescued more than 10,000 people at sea since 2013. Is this the sta...
How to weave a Flemish controversy…
Interview 17-08

CYNTHIA DE GIORGIO, curator of the St John’s Co-Cathedral museum, defends plans to build an extension fo...
Movies is magic | Slavko Vukanovic
Interview 09-08

There is something magical about Malta’s connection to the film industry. SLAVKO VUKANOVIC, organiser of...
Pornography, we have a problem… | Lorraine Spiteri
Interview 02-08

Pornography is distorting our image of healthy sexual relationships, argues MCWO chairperson LORRAINE SPITERI....
‘Overdue birth’ for maternity leave fund
Interview 27-07

The Maternity Leave Trust Fund, launched this week, has elicited mixed reactions from Malta’s business c...
Watch me like a hawk | Leo Brincat
Interview 20-07

The Environment Minister will soon have a brand new authority on his watch, a move that will beef up his minis...
Flirting with conservative rebellion | Alex Vella Gera
Interview 14-07

As the powers-that-be finally vindicate Alex Vella Gera’s battle against censorship, the author returns ...
[WATCH] Mark Camilleri, from anti-censorship front to legal reform
Interview 08-07

Mark Camilleri, honoured with Gieh ir-Repubblika for his role in the fight against censorship, says that the o...
The cure which made Greece sicker | Theodoris Daskarolis
Interview 05-07

With unemployment in Greece currently at 27%, with many of those employed not even getting paid, Greek ambassa...
Poised for an architectural revolution | Chris Mintoff
Interview 29-06

Chris Mintoff, chairman of the KTP [Chamber of Architects], welcomes high-rise development as a challenge to a...
‘High rise will help Sliema environment’ – Chamber of Architects president
Interview 28-06

Christopher Mintoff claims that Malta is heading towards a 'culture change' with its new high-ris...