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Keeping all options open | Mark Sultana
Interview 04-04

Following last year’s referendum defeat, the Campaign to Abolish Spring Hunting seems to have reached a ...
Ten key takeaways from Muscat’s interview with the Economist
Interview 01-04

Malta’s prime minister is a centrist with progressive inspiration, who sees  ‘aspiration&rsqu...
Mission Im-'peas'-able | Emmy Bezzina
Interview 28-03

‘Il Parlament Tal-Poplu’, hosted by the flamboyant Dr Emmy Bezzina, has risen to quasi-cult status...
[WATCH] The new radical | Simon Busuttil
Interview 20-03

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil bills himself as the person who can bring the country out of a blind alley wh...
Muscat keeping his head above the water
Interview 13-03

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is fending off the most serious accusation yet made against his government but cl...
Where do the children play? | Pauline Miceli
Interview 07-03

Are our children paying the price for excessive urbanisation? Are they being exploited (even unwittingly) by a...
Recipe for implosion | Michael Briguglio
Interview 29-02

Sociologist and former AD chairperson Michael Briguglio argues that political parties need to engage more with...
Crime and misconceptions | Saviour Formosa
Interview 22-02

Few areas are more fraught with misconceptions than the criminal underworld. Criminologist Prof. Saviour Formo...
Better late than never | Joe Mizzi
Interview 15-02

Traffic and public transport remain the government’s Achilles heel but an upbeat Joe Mizzi believes he&r...
[WATCH] Public transport contract to be published this week, Transport Minister confirms
Interview 14-02

Contract signed with Spanish public transport operator Autobuses de Leon more than a year ago to be tabled in ...
The fight against ISIS is already lost | Joseph Micallef
Interview 08-02

Historian and author JOSEPH V. MICALLEF argues that the only thing that can defeat the Islamic State is a bett...
Prevention is better than cure | Chris Fearne
Interview 01-02

The future of public health will be dominated by Bio-Information Technology: using genetic data to prevent dis...
Compromised lands | Jason Azzopardi
Interview 25-01

Shadow justice minister Jason Azzopardi is convinced that Labour’s economic successes will not be enough...
For whom the Church bells toll | Fr Rene Camilleri
Interview 18-01

Caught between mystic visionaries and an increasingly secular society, the Church seems to be having difficult...
Fishing in troubled waters | Martin Caruana
Interview 04-01

Are traditional Maltese fishermen being muscled out of existence by an aggressive new marine order? For MARTIN...