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My gut says Air Malta will ultimately fail | Philip Fenech
Interview 09-01

Philip Fenech says he does not feel any Maltese government would ever take the harsh decisions needed to make ...
Unearthing the mysteries of the past | Anthony Bonanno
Interview 03-01

Prof. Anthony Bonanno pays tribute to the late Dr David Trump, who set out to answer some of the most int...
[WATCH] Mixed messages on migration | Ahmed Bugre
Interview 19-12

Ahmed Bugre, director of the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM) stresses the need for a cons...
The free market must also be fair | Abigail Mamo
Interview 12-12

At a time when small businesses face unprecedented levels of unfair competition, the GRTU’s chief execut...
When is a refugee not a refugee? | Martine Cassar
Interview 04-12

Some asylum seekers seem to be more equal than others; but Refugee Commissioner Dr Martine Cassar argues that ...
Judge me by how I work | Franco Mercieca
Interview 28-11

MP Franco Mercieca defends his role as chairman of the parliamentary committee reviewing the Paceville masterp...
Much ado about a Paceville masterplan | Deborah Schembri
Interview 21-11

Proposals for a regeneration of Malta’s largest entertainment district has been met with anxiety and sce...
For the love of football | Angelo Chetcuti
Interview 14-11

From corruption to unfortunate comparisons with Iceland, the Malta Football Association’s new secretary-...
A Budget over the Cuckoo’s Nest | Mario de Marco
Interview 07-11

PN deputy leader Mario de Marco likens the Labour government to the proverbial cuckoo, which lays its eggs in ...
Edward Scicluna | ‘You cannot fight the market’
Interview 31-10

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna defends Budget 2017 from criticism that avoided taking necessary social inter...
A United States election like no other | Paul Srarc
Interview 27-10

US Presidential elections are always considered ‘historical’ events. But the 2016 election seems t...
Roadmaps to nowhere | Angelo Xuereb
Interview 16-10

Traffic remains a seemingly insoluble problem in Malta, but entrepreneur Angelo Xuereb has a good idea why. We...
No justice without access | Ruth Farrugia
Interview 10-10

We all have rights, but what are they worth if the systems which guarantee them prove unreachable in practice?...
We can’t afford to lose any more | Conrad Borg Manché
Interview 03-10

Lurking behind the recent Manoel Island controversy is an inconvenient truth: Gzira is too congested to afford...
Tapping into all Malta’s medical resources | Chris Fearne
Interview 30-09

The NHS seems to be undergoing major surgery at the moment: much of which seems to increasingly involve the pr...