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Gunman arrested after taking hostages at UK bowling alley
World 23-10

Police have arrested a suspected gunman after two employees were held hostage for four hours at a bowling alle...
Catalan crisis could send shockwaves through rest of Europe
World 23-10

Spain’s decision to impose direct rule on Catalonia could draw the region’s president into unilate...
Typhoon Lan reaches Japan, kills two
World 23-10

Typhoon Lan made landfall early morning, along Japan's southern coast, killing two and injuries others
Chiliean poet Pablo Neruda did not die of prostate cancer
World 21-10

Experts has dismissed prostate cancer as the official cause of death for the Chilean Nobel Prize winner, Pablo...
Robert Mugabe named goodwill ambassador by WHO
World 21-10

WHO has faced criticism after naming Zimbabwe president Mugabe as goodwill ambassador
[WATCH] Man arrested after knife attack in Munich
World 21-10

A man has been arrested after four people were lightly injured in a knife attack in Munich
Missing US hikers have been found dead in apparent murder-suicide
World 21-10

A California couple who went missing last July in Joshua Tree National Park have been found dead, in apparent ...
Spanish cabinet expected to sieze all powers from Catalonia
World 21-10

The Spanish government is expected to hold an early election and sieze all powers from Catalonia after region&...
Wild boars rampage through German town, injuring four
World 20-10

Two wild boars attacked and injured several people in the small German town of Heide on Friday morning, t...
[WATCH] Former US president Obama rebukes Donald Trump
World 20-10

Back in the public fray at a rally in Virginia, the former president delivered his views on the current politi...
North Korea: regime almost capable of nuclear attack, says CIA director
World 20-10

Mike Pompeo says Pyongyang is a few months away from having the ability to hit the US with a nuclear missile
Regions in Italy vote in Europe’s latest referendums on autonomy
World 20-10

€55m votes in Lombardy and Veneto are non-binding, but could send a strong message to Rome
New Zealand crowns youngest female leader ever
World 19-10

A minority party threw its support behind labour leader Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s soon to be younges...
Madagascar plague death toll reaches 74
World 19-10

Health officials are struggling to contain the spread of disease after virulent pneumonic strain has infected ...
Catalonia crisis: Spain to impose direct rule
World 19-10

Spanish government is to suspend Catalonia's autonomy after Puigdemont refused to abandon the push for ind...