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All articles • 'Mains'
Artichoke and Maltese sausage stew
Food 14-01

Slow-cooked stews are what winters are made for. Michael Diacono’s artichoke and Maltese sausage recipe has all the benefits of a slow cooked stew that can be prepared in a fraction of the time. 

Winter penne with mushrooms and pumpkin
Food 07-01

What could make winter veggies even better than they arleady are? Pasta, that's what. Michael Diacono makes a simple pasta dish using winter veggies and plenty of cheese for the ulitmate winter pasta dish. 

Tagliatelle with orange, black olives and bottarga
Food 07-01

Michael Diacono excels at delicious pasta dishes where the sauce can be cooked in the time it takes to boil the pasta. This one with orange, black olives and bottarga is no exception. 

Rabbit in chocolate sauce
Food 06-01

On cold and chilly evenings, what you are looking for is something hearty and packed with flavour. Gaby Holland's rabbit in chocolate sauce fits the bill in every which way. 

Pippa's seafood chowder
Food 03-01

We tend to eat more seafood in the summer than the winter but this recipe by Pippa Mattei works well for cold winter evenings and is full of all the nutrition of the Mediterranean sea. 

Festive roasted duck
Food 17-12

The star of the Christmas meal is more often than not a turkey. Michael Diacono gives us an alternative to the big bird that works especially well if you have a small gathering (up to eight people) for Christmas lunch. 

Braised lamb shanks in whiskey with colcannon
Food 07-12

This hearty dish is perfect for the wintery weather ahead. Pascal Holland slow cooks lamb shanks with plenty of veg and whisky and serves it with an Irish colcannon. 

Bay and fennel-stuffed fish with baked radishes
Food 03-12

This recipe can be made with any small fish, but Michael Diacono goes completely sustainable and uses bouge, better known by their Maltese name vopi. He serves them with baked radishes and a salsa verde. 

Lampuki with Jerusalem artichoke and a cherry tomato sauce
Food 03-12

Choosing sustainable fish makes our cooking more environmentally friendly, but this doesn't need to be at the detriment of flavour. Michael Diacono uses Jerusalem artichokes with lampuki and serves it with a cherry tomato sauce for a seasonal, sustainable dish. 

Vegetarian curry with carrot and aubergine
Food 26-11

This is a great recipe for those days you want to hold back on the meat but not on the flavour. If you’re entertaining both vegetarians and meat-eaters Michael Diacono has just the ticket. Bring on those meat-free Mondays. 

Spaghetti with calamari, beans and olives
Food 19-11

This dish works well as a pasta sauce or if you’re trying to stay off the good stuff, it works just as well as a salad, served with boiled potatoes. Michael Diacono mixes calamari with cannellini beans and black olives with a couple of tomatoes. Whichever way you choose to enjoy this, a slice of Maltese bread would not go amiss!

Tunisian peppers and eggs
Food 12-11

For breakfast, lunch or dinner eggs always hit the right spot. Michael Diacono makes this Tunisian dish with pan-fried peppers and aubergines, topped with a fried egg. 

Mediterranean stuffed peppers
Food 12-11

We usually stuff pepper with meat or rice or something just as filling. In this recipe, Michael Diacono makes a lighter version of stuffed peppers using truly Mediterranean produce – tomatoes, olives, capers and anchovies. These are best enjoyed with a great big chunk of Maltese bread. 

Pork and apple meatballs in a Gorgonzola sauce
Food 05-11

These pork meatballs are moist and delicious and use apple instead of breadcrumbs to hold them together making them a great gluten-free option. Try Michael Diacono’s recipe for these meatballs in Gorgonzola sauce. 

Braised pork cheeks
Food 05-11

Pork cheeks are a cheap meal and with a little bit of love (and quite a long time on the fire) they are a great hearty meal. Michael Diacono cooks them with mushrooms in wine and sherry. 

Homemade ravioli with Jerusalem artichokes
Food 03-11

Homemade ravioli take some love to put together but they are well worth your effort. Make the ravioli in large batches and freeze them for nights when you're in a hurry yet are craving homemade comfort food. Nick Formosa has the prefect recipe. 

Pumpkin, ricotta and quinoa pie
Food 29-10

Micheal Diacono uses leftover pumpkin from carving jack o’lanterns for Halloween. He adds it to quinoa and ricotta and stuffs it puff pastry. 

Pan-fried chicken thighs with an Iranian walnut sauce
Food 22-10

Chicken is an easy go-to recipe for mid-week meals but it can get boring at times. Michael Diacono simply pan-fries some chicken thighs and serves them with a Middle Eastern-inspired sauce with ground walnuts, spices and pomegranate. 

Perfect fish and chips with mushy peas
Food 21-10

Fish and chips is fast-food heaven. Made with this delcious Guinness batter makes it even more so. Pippa Mattei's recipe takes the fast out of fast-food for a lovingly-made comfort dish. 

Pork fillet with prickly pear jam
Food 15-10

Pork goes well with fruit. Think applesauce. Michael Diacono makes a pork recipe with an unlikely fruit – the prickly pear – using prickly pear jam as well as the juice of the prickly pear for a sweet and sticky sauce. 

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