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All articles • 'panama papers'
‘Total invention’: Malta PM dismisses claims of documents linking him to Panama company
National 13-12

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has insisted that there can exist no 'bona fide documents' linking him or his wife and family to a Panama company, following reports that MEPs had received such documents from a former Pilatus Bank employee

HSBC drop-down menu blunder that sparked Panama falsification ruckus
Court & Police 12-12

The accusation: HSBC reference letters used by Brian Tonna of Nexia BT, to send to Mossack Fonseca, hailed from the shuttered Attard branch of HSBC in 2013

[WATCH] Joseph Muscat sees no irony in Panama being blacklisted
National 07-12

Joseph Muscat says that he sees no irony in supporting a decision by the EU to include Panama in a tax haven blacklist when he had retained one of his ministers and his own chief of staff after they were found to have opened secret accounts in Panama

Panama, revisited
Editorial 03-12

We can blame political ‘filibustering’ on the bi-partisan consensus out there: always capitalise on the failings of your enemy, even if it means short-changing your country in the process

Egrant magistrate to request German evidence on Panama handed to Caruana Galizia investigators
Court & Police 01-12

The magistrate investigating the Egrant allegations has said he will request evidence passed on by the German federal police to the investigators of the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder

PD leader asks court to take possession of Panama Papers data
Court & Police 29-11

Democratic Party leader Anthony Buttigieg says Panama Papers cache could be of importance to magistrate looking into allegations of kickbacks over the cash for passports scheme

Nexia’s Brian Tonna tells MEPs he will only answer questions in writing
National 29-11

Brian Tonna says Nexia BT would like to cooperate with the delegation but will answer questions in writing 

German police to deliver Panama Papers to Maltese magistrate
National 29-11

Panama Papers data is to be handed over to Magistrate Anthony Vella, to evaluate any possible links to the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder

MEPs grant wide audience to Malta’s ‘rule of law’ opposition
Europe 28-11

Draft list of hearings for European Parliament mission on Malta includes most prominent activists on rule of law and governance 

German federal police will pass on Panama Papers data to Malta, PN demands inquiry
National 26-11

The Nationalist Party has called for an independent inquiry led by three retired judges into the Panama Papers data, and not a police investigation

MEPs demand justice for Caruana Galizia in ‘rule of law’ debate [live-blog]
National 14-11

Follow our live-blog here: MEPs debate the rule of law in Malta in the aftermath of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia

“Only the little people pay taxes”
Blogs 09-11

In this upside down world we are living in, the rich get away with not paying, while those at the bottom of the scale have to pay every red cent

No politics, no scandal
Editorial 09-11

As with Panama, Malta features prominently in the cache of the leaked Paradise Papers, but to date, no political names have been exposed.

MEPs publish final Panama Papers report: nine main takeaways on Malta
Europe 08-11

Digested read of all things Malta inside the PANA committee's final report on the Panama Papers

Appeal on judge’s recusal on money laundering inquiry now in Constitutional Court
Court & Police 07-11

A Constitutional Court is hearing an appeal against a decision by Judge Antonio Mizzi not to recuse himself from an appeal filed by the Prime Minister and high government officials protesting an inquiry into money laundering claims

Seven appeals against Panama inquiries on hold pending Constitutional decision
Court & Police 06-11

Angry exchanges between Party lawyers in court today over an inquiry into the Prime Minister and other high profile government figures

World’s rich brace themselves for Panama Papers version 2 after Bermuda firm suffers data hack
World 26-10

Offshore services firm Appleby admits suffering a cyber hack last year after journalists from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists contacted it for reactions on its business and that of its clients

Busuttil files Constitutional Court application over Panama Papers appeal
Court & Police 19-10

The former Opposition leader asked the court to overturn a decision  by Judge Antonio Mizzi not to rescuse himself in the appeal regarding the Panama Papers inquiry

‘I swear upon the cross that I never received kickbacks’ Keith Schembri tells court
Court & Police 16-10

Simon Busuttil refuses to be drawn into stating in Court whether Keith Schembri is corrupt or not as Magistrate disallows questioning on whether Busuttil had been in touch with former FIAU director Manfred Galdes

PN’s pre-budget document slams Panama Papers scandal for failure to attract Brexit relocations
Budget 2018 29-09

PN says government’s poor handling of the Panama Papers scandal caused Malta to lose out on high-profile 'Brexodus' players

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