My essentials: Michael Cutajar’s cultural picks

No 41 | 24, Michael Cutajar, Clarinettist

1. Book

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom is a true story of two sisters harbouring Jewish refugees and after they got caught, they had to struggle to survive a Holocaust camp. My mother was hounding me to read it and mama knows best! It made me think that the troubles of today might actually be what would make my live better later on in my life. It also struck me how forgiveness can free a person.

2. Film

The Man from Toronto is a comedy which had me laughing with tears running down my face. What I liked about the film is the sheer improbability of the plot but at the same time believable. The talent of Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart keep the film together and they played off each other fantastically. Enjoyable two hours.

3. Internet

I follow this Instagram page called dailydoseofclassical where every day they upload a short clip of a masterpiece in the classical music repertoire or a talented and famous soloist playing a short solo piece with an orchestra.

4. Music 

I enjoy all the forms of music and I appreciate all styles. But if I had to pick my favourite it would be Beethoven’s symphony. The way they are written is like he is narrating a tragedy through music. I also love Beethoven’s music because the Clarinet is featured in all his symphonies as at his time the clarinet was starting to gain importance.

5. Place

A place in Malta will have to be Dingli in the evening for a lovely walk and a marvellous sunset. A holiday destination will be anywhere to be honest as long as I go abroad.