My essentials: John Montanaro’s cultural picks

No 55 | John Montanaro – Actor, also has commerical role within IT solutions industry

1. Book

Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspe. I have to say my mind was blown! The book provides some great hacks how to control sugar spikes during the day to have more energy. One hack is the order you eat your food. Greens first, starch last.

2. Film

Top Gun. The original (not Maverick). I finally watched it the first time this year and it was great, the filming was Incredible. Kicking myself for not watching it earlier. I had to watch it before watching Top Gun Maverick.

3. Internet/TV

I am extremely passionate about mountain biking and triathlon, so two YouTube channels that I am subscribed to are GMTB and GTN. They provide loads of informational videos and tutorials that are practical about these two sports I love.

4. Music

I love classic Rock! 80’s and 90’s. Obviously they were not classics when I got into them (yes, I am that old). My all-time top band is Metallica – I can pick no particular song, but I constantly listen to their first four albums – they were my constant companions throughout my teenage years.

5. Place 

Majistral Park – this is my playground, whether I am swimming, running or biking. This is where I find freedom and where I am one with nature.