[Watch] Driver pulls off crazy move on Zebbug by-pass

Video emerges online showing driver pull off stunt worthy of an action blockbuster

Screenshot from video (Source: Idiot Drivers Exposed)
Screenshot from video (Source: Idiot Drivers Exposed)
Driver pulls crazy stunt to avoid collision

You wouldn’t be at fault for thinking that a video that emerged online today, was part of a scene from an action movie.

The video, which was uploaded to the Facebook page ‘Idiot Drivers Exposed – Malta’ shows a Daihatsu Terios driving up to a roundabout with considerable speed.

As the driver of the Terios realises that he is about to crash, he or she swerves to the left in order to avoid a car waiting to exit onto the roundabout.

Amazingly the Terios somehow manages to balance on two wheels, driving over a small rubble wall, and straight past the stationary car, narrowly missing a car and a motorcycle driving around the roundabout.

The video was uploaded to Facebook this morning, however it seems to have been filmed on the 26 September.

When contacted, the Police said that they had received the video and where looking into the matter.