Daniel Mizzi reports from the law courts.

Update 2 | After de Marco case, Busuttil sounds warning to MPs having conflict of interest
Simon Busuttil says Opposition would be asking Auditor General to investigate...
Quad bike driver, 24, killed after crashing into bus
Court & Police
24-year-old man from Birzebbugia, Rhys Celeste, dies after Mosta traffic...
Updated | Busuttil says police chief, home affairs minister must resign • Ministry says PN leader is ‘threat to democracy’
Opposition leader says PN administration would instruct people to ignore law...
Updated | Inquiry to investigate political intervention in Gozo drug prosecution
Prime Minister orders inquiry after MaltaToday reveals how two Gozitans...
Updated | Labour, PM accuse Bezzina of ‘potential fraud’, MP hits back
Toni Bezzina to file libel proceedings after Labour newspaper says Nationalist...
Updated | Police bust Qormi cockfighting ring, 25 arrested
Court & Police
Police arrest 25 people in suspected cockfighting farm in tal-Handaq, limits of...
Cassola dismisses Muscat’s ‘evidence’ on Egrant ownership
Alternattiva Demokratika chairman Arnold Cassola says declaration made by...
[WATCH] ‘Government will come after you next’ – Busuttil warns demonstrators
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says Prime Minister, chief of staff and...
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