Daniel Mizzi reports from the law courts.

Updated | Malta to host Brexit negotiations, Muscat says EU's four freedoms 'cannot be decoupled'
After Theresa May announces that UK will launch formal Brexit talks with EU...
Updated | Murder investigations suspended, mother was stabbed in neck and chest
Court & Police
Police investigations into 33-year-old man suspected of stabbing Caroline Magri...
Leo Brincat paid for the mistakes of others - Bartolo
Education minister Evarist Bartolo reiterates that Konrad Mizzi should have...
‘PN closer than ever, can win election’ – Busuttil
PN Leader Simon Busuttil says ‘glaring conflict of interest’ of...
‘Enough is enough’: Birdlife call for immediate suspension of hunting season
Three protected birds shot in less than 24 hours as number of illegally shot...
Increased pensions, less income tax, and free medicines, Busuttil pledges
Simon Busuttil says future PN government would implement long-term plan for...
Gzira residents have a right to access Manoel Island foreshore – Muscat
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says government’s pro-business approach does...
Developers in favour of public access to Manoel Island foreshore
Malta Developers Association calls on MIDI to respect citizen’s...
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