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Maltese prefer paying for healthcare rather than face waiting lists delays
If countries with limited means can achieve virtual absence of waiting lists...
[WATCH] Is romance still alive? We took to the streets to find out
Is the Prime Minister a romantic? Has the Opposition leader got...
Adrian Delia courts high-rise developers, does not deny accepting financial support
Nationalist party leader Adrian Delia does not deny financial support from...
Maltese man’s pending deportation from Australia leaves family devastated
John Falzon, 66, who served eight years in prison for cannabis trafficking, is...
[WATCH] Joseph Muscat shrugs off suggestion his chief of staff is after personal gain
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is asked about the public sentiment that his...
[WATCH] Currency printer Crane opens Malta business 53 weeks after announcing investment
New Hal Far currency printing plant to employ 300 people • Prime Minister...
Updated | Prisons director asked to investigate leaks about three men accused of Daphne’s murder
Court & Police
A magistrate has ordered the director of prisons to ascertain how information...
The anti-Muscat: Edwin Vassallo versus ‘the Marxists’
Why Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo is so up in arms over what he calls Joseph...
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