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Fighting the good fight | Inspector Sandro Camilleri
When a traffic police officer was grievously injured in a hit-and-run accident...
PN claims ARMS bills increased by up to €600 each year under Labour
In a press conference, the PN says that some families are paying up to...
Teachers complain about new Maltese Form 1 syllabus
More teachers have come forward to highlight more faults with the new syllabus...
Delia wants to call time on dissent ahead of EU elections
Delia said all party members had a choice to make: they could work to make...
Motorcyclist suffers serious injuries in Gudja accident
Court & Police
A 43-year-old man from Marsaxlokk has suffered serious injuries after losing...
Teachers say they are expected to do miracles under new educational reform
Teachers who spoke to MaltaToday have complained of an increased workload that...
FIMBank announces USD7.7 million profit for 2017
Business News
FIMBank Group chairman John C. Grech says the bank's sustained run of...
[WATCH] We asked Joseph Muscat why he ignored 17 Black evidence at Workers' Day mass meeting
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat did not mention 17 Black or its ties to Konrad...

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