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New rules allow unlimited billboard placements on all roads
New legislation regulating the erection of billboards has done away with...
No clear favourite as Italians vote for 65th government since WWII
The long-road towards the general election comes to a close today, as Italians...
Fitch cites Malta’s strong rule of law as contributing to A+ rating
Following in the wake of Moody’s and DBRS, which upgraded Malta’s...
[WATCH] Joseph Muscat admits better enforcement needed in hunting season
The Prime Minister acknowledged that enforcement during the last hunting season...
[WATCH] Overhaul of Pitkalija vegetable market planned with new agriculture policy
The National Agricultural Policy will introduce new measures to facilitate the...
Gearing up for a technological revolution
Business News
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are gaining more traction in mainstream...
[WATCH] Malta to get waste incinerator at Maghtab by 2023, Jose Herrera says
An incineration plant covering 5,000 square metres is being proposed for...
Farmers to get €600,000 to deal with growing manure and slurry problem
Farmers will get financial support to deal with the organic waste being...
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