Tia Reljic is a spokesperson for the Environment Ministry. She is a former MaltaToday reporter

Fixed telephones still relevant… but only thanks to bundling
Almost all households still reported having a fixed telephony connection when...
Malta hosting over 42,000 foreign workers employed across all industries
Data & Surveys
From the EU alone, 29,660 nationals were registered for work in Malta with...
[WATCH] Law for land expropriation in afforestation efforts underway
The law, which would target degraded land which is subject to enforcement...
[WATCH] Hunters to install bird nesting boxes
St Hubert Hunters will be installing 400 manmade nesting boxes in several...
Nurses’ union industrial directives to commence on Thursday
The Health Ministry said it is ‘hopeful’ an agreement will be...
[WATCH] Government must explain change of heart on Lifeline, Adrian Delia says
Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said that the government needs to be...
NGOs refute that migrant rescue groups are breaching international law
A joint statement by Italian and Maltese NGOs insisted that humanitarian and...
National interest at the heart of Central Link project, Labour MP says
Labour MP Alex Muscat hit back at critics of the Central Link Project, which he...