Improving organisational health through digital solutions, with Talexio founder Mark Camilleri Gambin

Can software improve organisational health? Yes, says Talexio founder Mark Camilleri Gambin

Talexio Founder, Mark Camilleri Gambin
Talexio Founder, Mark Camilleri Gambin

Over the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of working closely with HR executives from numerous companies and industries; this was mostly due to our Applicant Tracking Software —a cloud-based product that effectively streamlines the recruitment process. 

Through these interactions with HR professionals, I noticed that despite at times having limited resources, they found ingenious ways of working with their data. 

No matter what they needed to accomplish, they managed to create Excel sheets for the job; from onboarding checklists to probation reminders, training requirements, and performance and salary reviews. However, when your job should revolve around the wellbeing of your organisation, the distraction and complexity that comes with keeping track of employee data is an unwelcome pain in the neck. 

After seeing the lengths these HR professionals go through to navigate the complex demands of the HR sphere, I became convinced that the right software would multiply the effectiveness of HR—recruitment was simply the tip of the iceberg. The importance of an organisation’s workforce is as clear as ever in today’s economic climate. No company can succeed without a strong and organised team, therefore, I have applied myself and my team towards creating a holistic HR software that finally brings corporate wellness to the foreground. 

Hasnt this been done before? 

Most of the currently available pieces of software are not designed like other consumer products. Instead, they are built as business toolsets that are a far cry from what we’ve become accustomed to, such as the software services of Apple, Google, Spotify or Revolut. 

HR software remains busy, overwhelming and clunky. Not to mention, most require intensive training or even a user manual. Well-designed software does not need a manual—it is self-explanatory, easy to use, reliable and beautifully designed. To create great products that users can fall in love with, one must have an in-depth understanding of usability and adherence to strong design principles. 

An essential aspect of people management that has long stifled variation is Payroll. The software in this market has shied away from innovation, and users are faced with what appear to be significantly outdated products. Attempts have been made to repackage these solutions into ’web-based cloud’ solutions, yet on close inspection, one discovers limitations and shortcomings brought about by 10-year-old technology and old-fashioned methodology—ancient by any modern standard. 

The slow and tedious processes that come with these solutions have cemented the idea that Payroll is hard, HR is too messy to organise, and yes, you do need to create your yearly management reports manually. Talexio has broken this mould. We are a dedicated product team committed to remaining the easiest, fastest, and most reliable and holistic product on the market. 

Our priority is to thoroughly understand the users’ needs and create a highly usable product that they can benefit from. While our roots are in recruitment, we have expanded into HR, Time and Attendance, Training Management, Performance Management and even Payroll. Since Talexio is a cloud-based solution, that stores data securely, HR professionals can easily handle all the necessary data they need through one, user-friendly interface. Not to mention, much of the processes are automated, saving them a great deal of time. 

As you can imagine, this is not just a product for HR executives. Team members of all levels can interact seamlessly within Talexio to improve company collaboration. With Talexio, you can deliver a great employee onboarding experience, timely and constructive performance reviews, clear action plans and appropriate recognition for a job well done. Not to mention, our employee self-service portal increases employee engagement and gives employees the ability to find answers to questions that they would usually ask HR. Talexio also enables you to celebrate accomplishments or work anniversaries, with our company announcements function. 

Our solution is complete, agile and flexible. You can pick and choose the modules that apply to your organisation and enjoy the benefits of consolidated insights from across all your teams. 

Whats next?

Innovation is vital, and we’ve got big plans to continue solving tedious processes. Our goal is to unshackle you from stressful business-as-usual tasks while giving you the means to focus on what matters—the improved health of your organisation. Start your free trial or learn more about Talexio by clicking here