‘Technical faults' most common cause for complaints in the telecoms sector

Recent MCA report shows a total of 147 complaints made in six month period, with technical faults serving as the most common. 

MCA report - technical faults cites as most common type of complaint.
MCA report - technical faults cites as most common type of complaint.

The latest communications complaints report, covering the period July to December 2013, and published by the Malta Communications Authority, showed that a total of 147 complaints were made, with another 150 enquiries issued.

The report indicates that the most common type of complaint was related to the repair of intermittent and temporary faults for television, internet and fixed telephony services,

“There is a range of factors that could lead to such faults, including damages to the service provider’s infrastructure, damages to the residence’s internal wiring or damages to the customer premises equipment,” a statement issued by the MCA read.

The Authority said that it dealt with such cases by monitoring the actions undertaken by the service provider to ensure that faults are repaired at the earliest time possible.

“In those cases where it was evident that the fault was not caused by third parties, subscribers were provided with the applicable compensation or refunds.”

A number of complaints were also received regarding termination of a service.  The MCA said that it reviewed measures undertaken by service providers with a view to improving and rendering the procedure for termination more transparent and efficient.

“Where necessary the Authority intervened and has reached an agreement with the relevant service provider to modify its termination process.  The MCA is cognisant of the fact that the electronic communications sector is dynamic in nature and that end-users’ needs and necessities change and vary accordingly.”

For this reason, it said it will keep monitoring such procedures and will be liaising with other competent authorities to ensure that these are ‘reasonable and efficient’.

The Authority said that it had also received a number of queries related to practices adopted by service providers in the sectors regulated by MCA over which the MCA has no legal power to intervene.  The majority of these cases related to unsolicited calls and unfair commercial practices.

The full report is available on MCA’s website.

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