Towards a more humane education

We are all guilty, at some point, of telling our mother, father, son, daughter or even friend that we’re busy or we don’t have the time

The time before Christmas is usually a quiet one where there is the assumption that not much is done. However, this week only we’ve had at least two major government milestones.

In the energy sector the Government lifted the €360 million guarantee, as promised, as this important project continues to develop. And more close to home, the Government signed the sectorial agreement with the Malta Union of Teachers which turns a fresh new page in this area.

The highlights of the agreement have been widely reported. However, it is important to emphasise that this investment is one which has been a long time coming, and paves the way for our ultimate goal: a better educational experience in class.

The reforms, which are planned for the next two years, are crucial ones to bring real change in the system. During the signing ceremony, a young man recounted his experience of how he felt disillusioned with the traditional system, and found himself and his potential when given the opportunity to learn differently. The scope of these reforms is to give the same opportunity to each and every student, to be able to learn in different ways and have learning adapt to the individuality of our pupils. This agreement is another step in this direction, and I very much look forward to the next ones.


No money can buy time

I am sure you’re well into your Christmas preparations by now, and gift-buying about to, if not, finished off. However, it is important that during these days we take time to reflect on our friendships and on our relationships with dear ones. It’s great to buy gifts for loved ones and that look upon someone’s eyes as they open their presents is priceless. However, as our very hectic lives continue, it is important to remember that allowing time to enjoy our families and loved ones is just as important.

This is especially important if one has young children or ageing parents. Nothing can replace you as a parent or as a son and daughter. Buying a gift is nice, but spending time with them, talking and understanding time is such an important aspect. Anyone can take out a credit card and buy something, but time is different. We are all guilty, at some point, of telling our mother, father, son, daughter or even friend that we’re busy or we don’t have the time. In the case of children it is important to lead by example, to help them build character and values. It takes time to do that. In the case of parents, especially ageing ones, they become fragile and, in many ways, become ‘children’ again. Nothing can replace stime, the one commodity which we know for sure is finite.


Happy Holidays! I’d like to take this opportunity to wish the readers and staff members of this newspaper a happy Christmas and a happy New Year.

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