Love Island Malta, TVM’s new guilty pleasure, airs in 2023

Gorgeous singles on a quest for true love, and cash, to feature on Love Island Malta, latest offering from Ben Camille-driven media house

Do we get red-button interaction on this show?
Do we get red-button interaction on this show?

Men with tan, chiselled bodies and drop-dead gorgeous women inside a villa copulate and dump each other inside a luxury Maltese villa until only one winning couple is left – what’s there not to love about TVM’s latest coup?

Malta’s national broadcaster will be broadcasting the Maltese version of the ITV hit-show Love Island, producers Media Exclusive have announced.

Driven by the V-Squared powerhouse and TV presenter Ben Camilleri, Media Exclusive Limited acquired the rights for the dating reality show from ITV Studios – the first of its kind to be aired on Maltese television.

“Love Island will follow gorgeous singles in a spectacular villa on their quest for true love,” Media Exclusive said.

“The islanders are in a race against time to couple up, as anyone who stays single risks being eliminated from the villa and leaves the lucrative cash prize behind. In this competition, the best and most loved couple will be crowned Love Island winners.”

Broadcast in over 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, and Norway, over 4 million viewers watch Love Island UK each season and in January 2023 they will be showing the second edition of the Winter Edition.

Love Island is billed as a ‘fast turnaround’ reality dating show with viewer interaction, set in a spectacular villa, where couples vie to be crowned the show’s favourite.

The producers say their show will feature a “captivating search for love”, especially for young audiences. “Isn’t finding love something we all want?” they chirp.

With its brazen showcase of gorgeous singles living it large inside a luxury villa, spending their summer looking for romance, the race to couple up in time for the lucrative cash prize will certainly become a water-cooler talking point. over the essentially voyeuristic show.