Man denies harassing wife after 10-year marriage broke down

A man who was accused of harassing, insulting and threatening his wife after his 10-year marriage broke down has been granted bail 

A father of three has denied harassing, insulting and threatening his wife after his 10-year marriage broke down.

The 36-year-old man from Hamrun was arraigned before magistrate Doreen Clarke on Friday morning.

Inspector Matthew Galea told the court that the man had threatened the woman and her children with violence and torn up papers.

Lawyer Albert Zerafa, defence counsel together with lawyer Joe Reno Vella, told the court that “telling your wife that she has a small chest does not merit 48 hours under arrest.” The reference was to a statement the woman had given the police.

In the past 10 years, there had not been a single report, said the lawyer. “This was the first and only one. Why? The parties are separating.” The allegations were intended to keep the man away from his matrimonial home, he said, pointing out that the woman had walked into the courtroom today, laughing.

Parte Civile lawyer Michele Cardinali argued that the abuse was serious, albeit psychological in nature. Appogg had classified the case as “high risk” he explained.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke, noting that the incidents leading to the report had allegedly taken place on 27 January and continued to 8 February, but the report took place on 12 February up to which point the parties were still living in the same house, upheld the request for bail.

The man was released from arrest against a deposit of €500 and a guarantee of €2,000. The court ordered him not to approach, molest or bother the woman in any way whilst on bail.

The court also issued a ban on the publication of the names of the parties.