Man accused of domestic violence granted bail

The man was charged with committing acts of domestic violence against his wife in the presence of their children

A 45 year old man from Luqa has been released on bail on domestic violence charges after being charged earlier this month with allegedly using violence against his wife in the presence of the couple’s children.

The man is also accused of limiting the woman’s access to money, education or employment. He is pleading not guilty.

In a previous sitting, the prosecution had explained that the incidents had started after the accused noticed that his wife had been seeing someone else.

He had been remanded in custody upon his arraignment but was granted bail this afternoon by magistrate Marseanne Farrugia against a €2500 deposit and a €5000 personal guarantee.

Inspector Eman Hayman prosecuted.

Lawyers Michael Sciriha and Matthew Xuereb were defence counsel.


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