Fisherman's arm broken in altercation with police over face mask

Pierre Cassar of Marsaxlokk was charged with violently resisting arrest and threatening a police officer, amongst other charges

Cassar's arm was broken in a scuffle with police
Cassar's arm was broken in a scuffle with police

A man who suffered a broken arm in a scuffle with a community police officer yesterday has been charged with violently resisting arrest.

Fish farm worker Pierre Cassar, 46, of Marsaxlokk, was arraigned before magistrate Doreen Clarke this afternoon, his arm in fresh plaster.

He was accused of threatening or insulting a police constable acting in the line of duty, violently resisting an official enforcing the law, slightly injuring the officer, damaging his belongings, refusing to give his particluars to the police, taking up arms against other persons, voluntarily breaching the peace, disobeying legitimate police orders and failing to wear a face mask. He was also accused of recidivism.

Inspector Janetta Grixti told the court that the man had become violent when the police officer approached him on Xatt is-Sajjieda in Marsaxlokk and told him to put a mask on. The wearing of face masks in public places is mandatory under Legal Notice 402 of 2020 which was introduced at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cassar’s lawyers Franco Debono and Francesca Zarb entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf and requested bail. They also requested that his injuries be examined by a court-appointed doctor.

The court upheld the requests, releasing the man from arrest against a deposit of €300 and a personal guarantee of €2000. He was ordered to sign a bail book twice weekly. A court-appointed expert was also appointed to examine the extent of the man’s injuries.