Company directors convicted for using false documents in tender process

Father and son business duo handed suspended sentence for falsifying document in tender application

Two company directors have been handed a suspended sentence after being found guilty of falsifying a document to apply for a waste collection tender.

Marius Muscat, 64, and his 39-year-old son Adrian Muscat, were separately accused of fraud and using a false document while serving as directors for the company Waste Collection Limited.

The original call for tenders was issued by the Attard Local Council for waste collection services, with a contract value of €335,296 for a four-year period.

However, during a meeting between the respective secretaries of the Attard and Lija councils, the Attard secretary asked why the Lija Local Council had written a recommendation letter for the company despite complaining about the company’s services.

The Lija Local Council secretary denied ever issuing the letter, after which a formal report was filed with the police. This report kickstarted investigations into the father and son.

During proceedings, the secretary consistently denied ever issuing a recommendation letter in favour of the company.

A court expert went on to confirm that the signature on the letter, which resembled that of the secretary, was a scanned copy as opposed to an inked signature.

Marius Muscat went on to claim that the company failed to win the tender because of ‘foul play’ in the tender process, a claim which the magistrate quickly shot down due to lack of evidence.

Magistrate Frendo Dimech did not find the two men guilty of fraud, but they were still found guilty of using a false document.

She noted that the crime ultimately came to light through an unplanned and informal conversation between the two secretaries

Marius Muscat was given a 16-month sentence suspended for 18 months. His son was sentenced to 22 months in prison, suspended by two years.