Gżira crash driver is Jeremie Camilleri, was on probation on health supplement thefts

Jeremie Camilleri, Franco-Maltese national convicted of a series of petty thefts, is motorist suspected of having ran over woman and killing her on impact

Jeremie Camilleri
Jeremie Camilleri

The man expected to be charged for causing the death of a 30 year-old Turkish woman in a horrific car accident in Gzira, is Jeremie Camilleri, a Franco-Maltese national, already on probation for theft.

A CCTV video retrieved from the scene of the crime where the 33-year-old Lija resident crashed headlong into a KFC establishment, shows the perpetrator walking out of his car unscathed after running over a woman. In the footage, the perpetrator walks coolly over to the other side of the road, where he appears to attempt to assail other passers-by and a passing car.

The accident happened near the Paul & Rocco petrol station on Testaferrata Street, Gżira at 1am on Wednesday 18 January, and the car, a BMW, smashed into the KFC fast food outlet after hitting the woman.

The Toulouse-born Lija resident, 33, had been placed on probation after admitting to two petty thefts in which health supplements worth a total of €92 were stolen from Attard and Sliema on 2 January, 2023. But he had also breached the conditions of a probation order that had been issued to him upon his conviction for another offence by a court in Gozo in February 2021.

The accused had entered a guilty plea over the thefts in a bid to obtain a conditional discharge or probation order by way of punishment.

The court had initially been reluctant to issue a second probation order. “Looks like you’ve been busy here since 2021,” Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech had remarked, observing that he had always received non-custodial sentences. “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You get yourself into all this trouble over just €92?” 

Camilleri had received a €200 fine for breach of probation, and ordered to pay the full retail value of the items he had stolen. He had also been placed under a probation order for three years.

In 2012 he had been convicted of causing criminal damage to private property and sentenced to a year in jail, suspended for one year.

MaltaToday understands that Camilleri is the son of a Maltese father, originally born in Algiers, and a French mother. Camilleri was born in France, but appears to have been staying in Malta since 2007, having been issued with an Aliens ID card, before obtaining citizenship in 2011.