Maltese nationals stopped at Milan airport carrying 180 dead birds

Three nationals stopped by customs at Milan Linate in alleged attempt to smuggle protected birds into Malta

Three Maltese nationals were detained in the Milan airport of Linate on 14 June, ostensibly after a hunting trip in Argentina when their luggage was found to contain dead birds intended to be smuggled into Malta.

The statement, released yesterday by Milan police only, alluded to an attempted smuggling of some 180 dead birds belonging to various species protected by the Washington Convention. Among the birds found were bodies of Wattled Jacana waders, the Silver Teal dabbling duck, the Nacunda Nighthawk, and Whistling Herons.

The Milanese customs department at Linate Airport together with members of the financial police Guardia di Finanza and the state forest rangers, were involved in the investigation.

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On a social network I wrote down whether they were a protected species ; and I was proved right! If I'm not mistaken years ago when hunting expeditions to Egypt used to be organised the same thing happened!
Lets grow up..the world has changed!!
Joseph Borg
How about stopping tortured, dead bulls from Spain ?

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