Shot fired ‘40cm away’ from Kalkara murder victim

Four shots fired during 2013 Kalkara daylight shooting, one of which was fired just 40cm away from the victim, ballistic court expert says.

Four shots were fired from a shotgun on the Sunday morning in October 2013 which left Joseph Caruana, 61, dead in his son-in-law’s home. Caruana was hit three times, while a fourth shot hit a car that was parked outside the house.

Caruana was hit in his left arm and in his lower spine.

One of the shots that hit Caruana was fired just 40cm away.

The ballistic expert was testifying in the compilation of evidence against Godwin Scicluna, 52, who is accused of having murdered his father-in-law.

Scicluna is facing 11 charges, including the attempted murder of his estranged wife – Simone Caruana – and their two eldest daughters, aged 3 and 5. He is also accused of have caused grievous injuries to his former partner and their 3-year-old daughter.

The couple also has a toddler, at the time just eight months old.

Forensic expert Joseph Mallia confirmed the fingerprints found on the weapon matched Scicluna’s and gunshot residue was also found on his clothes.

DNA expert Marisa Cassar explained that blood found splattered on the residence’s door belonged to the mother and child.

Scicluna is pleading not guilty, and in previous sittings, the court heard how the couple was undergoing separation procedures.

On the day of the fatal shooting, the woman had their children to visit Scicluna when a row over a digital camera erupted.

Matters escalated and Scicluna fetched the shotgun while Simone Caruana tried to take it away from him. Caruana’s father rushed in and the mother and the children seized the moment to flee the residence. However, Caruana turned back and saw her former husband firing at her father.

Joseph Caruana died on the spot while Simone Caruana and her 3-year-old daughter were hit by pellets.

Investigating Officer Keith Arnaud had testified that the victim suffered massive head injuries, compatible with blunt force trauma, probably from being hit with the butt of the shotgun.

Inspectors Keith Arnaud and Chris Pullicino are prosecuting.

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