Cardiologist questions motive behind change of working hours

Cardiologist and opposition MP Albert Fenech questions the real motive behind being forced to work part-time, claiming he is carrying precarious work to the detriment of his patients

Cardiologist and opposition MP Albert Fenech filed against the Parliamentary Secretary for Health Chris Fearne claiming he was forced to work under precarious condition when the Department made him perform part-time work.

In his judicial protest Fenech argued he had given loyal and professional service for 18 years. “I always put the patient’s interest first. The fact that I have reached a pensionable age is simply an excuse used by the government forcing me to work on part-time basis, to the detriment of my patients”, he said.

The cardiologist, also a Nationalist Party questioned if the Health Department had political motivations for such action. “This move goes against the government own political aims, and I’m forced to work in precarious conditions”.

Lawyer Andrew Borg Cardona, who signed the judicial protest called on the Parliamentary Secretary for Health to revoke the decision.

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