Woman accused of biting police officer granted bail

Court grants bail to woman accused of biting a policewoman who tried to save her from a beating at the hands of her boyfriend

A court has granted bail to a young woman accused of biting a policewoman who intervened on her behalf in a fight.

A woman from Msida has appeared before magistrate Josette Demicoli this morning accused of biting a policewoman who tried to save her from a beating at the hands of her boyfriend.

Inspector Jason Francis Sultana told the court how policemen were called to intervene following a report that a woman in Albert Street, Gzira had been beaten up by her boyfriend.

On arrival officers, found 20 year old Joanne Agius arguing with Shemu Bahkret, a resident in the Hal Far open centre tent complex.

In order to separate the two, the police asked Agius to get in their vehicle, however the woman resisted, blocking the door of the vehicle.

After a female police officer managed to get out of the vehicle, Agius bit her on her left hand, slightly injuring her.

The police sergeant accompanying the officer intervened and called for backup.

Agius later told the police that she was fed up of being beaten by Shemu and being forced to offer herself for prostitution – at times charging only €10 to €15.

The woman explained that her fear of being beaten by Shemu made her comply.

The court head that the woman had apologised to the police officer and had also withdrawn a police report that she had filed against her boyfriend.

Agius admitted to charges of violently resisting arrest, causing slight injury to a police officer and relapsing and was granted bail against a personal guarantee of €3,500.

The magistrate requested the director of probation services evaluate whether Agius is fit to perform community work and present a report on the matter.

Lawyer Joe Mizzi appeared for Agius.

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