Man convicted of trying to con Identity Malta using forged documents

Seeking asylum, the man said a Libyan man had helped him acquire the false documents

Moroccan national, Sealiti Brahim, was handed an 18-month jail term suspended for three years after admitting to presenting false documentation to the Maltese authorities.

The case was passed on to the police by Identity Malta after Brahim filed forged documents in his application for residence.

When questioned by the police, the 51-year-old man, born in Nadur, Morocco, explained how at the time of his arrival in Malta he could not apply for asylum status. During his stay, he met a Libyan national who told him that in exchange for €2,000 he would acquire documents for him to help him apply for residence.

After paying the unidentified Libyan, Brahim was given fake lease agreements, documents listing him as a student, forged bank statements and other false documents. However Identity Malta recognised the documents as a forgery and informed the police. Meanwhile, the Moroccan had also filed for asylum.

Appearing in court today, Sealiti Brahim, admitted to all charges leveled against him. Magistrate Doreen Clarke, sentenced him to 18-month imprisonment suspended for three years. 

Inspector Frankie Sammut prosecuted, and legal aid Noel Cutajar appeared for the accused.