Cash bundle lands traveller in trouble

The man was found to be carrying more than €10,000 in cash as he arrived in Malta from Madrid

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

Ahmed Alhadi Khallefah Suwah ,40, from Libya was arrested after customs officials found that he was carrying a large amount of cash on to his flight to Madrid.

The prosecution explained that customs officials had told police that the man had gone through the blue channel at the airport carrying €34,570.

He had failed to declare amounts of cash over €10,000 which he was carrying – a legal requirement. 

Although the charges do not carry a custodial sentence, police said the man had to be arrested to establish the provenance of the money, his address and so on. The arrest was deemed justified by the court.

A not guilty plea was entered by lawyer Arthur Azzopardi. Bail was requested.

The prosecution did not object to bail so long as the amount over €10,000 was deposited in court.

The court granted the man bail against a personal guarantee of €10,000 and a deposit of €10,000. He was also ordered to sign a bail book daily.

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