Father accused of beating mother of six and child

The unemployed man was charged with causing slight injuries, causing  his partner to fear violence, misusing telecommunications equipment and escaping from police custody

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A father has been released on bail after allegedly beating his partner and their child. 

Police Inspector Trevor Micallef arraigned the unemployed Syrian national, who resides in Marsascala, on charges of causing slight injuries, causing the woman - a mother to six children from different fathers - to fear violence and misuse of telecommunications equipment. He was also accused of escaping from police custody.

Magistrate Rachel Montebello heard how the man had allegedly turned violent and lashed out at the woman and child.

Lawyer Franco Galea, who is defending the accused together with lawyer Lucio Sciriha told the court that although the man had escaped after his interrogation, within the hour, his family had returned him to police custody. A not guilty plea was entered.

The alleged victim took the witness stand to inform the court that she forgave the accused as long as the man stopped harassing her and her son.

Bail was requested by the defence.

Galea said the accused had a clean criminal record and lived in a separate property to the alleged victims, in a different town. The accused has no chance of tampering with evidence as it had already been preserved, said the defence.

But Inspector Micallef objected to the bail request, explaining that the man was illegally in Malta and would always come up with excuses when summoned by the police.

Galea said the man had documents to support the man’s stay in Malta.

Bail was granted on condition that the accused deposit his passport in court and against a €300 deposit and personal guarantee of €3000.

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