Bail for man who injured persistent female admirer

A protection order was issued in favour of the woman  

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A young man has been released on bail after being charged with slightly injuring a persistent female admirer.

The 23 year-old St. Julian’s resident was arraigned before magistrate Gabriella Vella accused of slightly injuring the woman and causing her to fear violence. A protection order was requested.

Arraigning Police Inspector Matthew Spagnol told the court that the woman had filed a police report yesterday, alleging that the man had been violent in the woman’s regard in a domestic context. As more than one incident was alleged to have taken place, victim support agency Appogg had classified the case as “high-risk” and the man was then arrested.

He presented the court with a medical certificate of the woman’s slight injuries.

Defence counsel Franco Debono and Amadeus Cachia entered a not guilty plea for the man and requested bail, as the man’s mother, present in the courtroom, stifled sobs. The victim was 10 years the accused’s senior and was “obsessed with him,” Debono said.

The prosecution did not object to bail as long as sufficient conditions and guarantees were imposed to prevent him from contacting the alleged victim.

Bail was granted, with the man being ordered to sign a bail book, observe a curfew and provide a personal guarantee of €5,000.

He was also obliged to deposit his identity card and passport in court.

The magistrate warned the man that any breach of his bail conditions would result in his imprisonment and the loss of his guarantee.

A protection order was issued in favour of the woman and the accused was ordered not to speak to her.

Debono suggested that the court also order the inspector to speak to the woman and tell her to leave the man alone.

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