Liam Debono’s mother joins her son in prison

Charlotte Zammit was imprisoned for two years after admitting in court to stealing money from a number of petrol stations

Charlotte Zammit has been sentenced to two years in prison for stealing money from several petrol pumps earlier this month.

Zammit, the mother of Liam Debono – the youth accused of at attempted murder of police constable Simon Schembri – was found guilty of stealing money from pumps in Qormi, Attard, St Paul's Bay, Zabbar, Paola, and Mellieha. 

Zammit, 37, of Tarxien, pleaded guilty to six counts of aggravated theft, three counts of criminal damage and one of breaching probation. She was also accused of recidivism.

She was also accused of violating the terms of her probation and being a recidivist.

The court heard how she might have resorted to stealing in order to support a drug habit she is currently dealing with.

Magistrate Neville Camilleri sentenced her to two years in prison during which he recommended that she follow a drug rehabilitation programme.

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