Mother of Liam Debono admits to fuel station thefts

The 37-year-old was charged with stealing money from six petrol stations around Malta, with the prosecution insisting on a custodial sentence

Charlotte Zammit, Liam Debono's mother, being interview on One News last September
Charlotte Zammit, Liam Debono's mother, being interview on One News last September

A woman has admitted to committing a string of thefts from fuel pumps around the islands.

Charlotte Zammit, the mother of Liam Debono - who stands charged with the attempted murder of police constable Simon Schembri - was arraigned before magistrate Neville Camilleri on Wednesday morning, accused of stealing money from six petrol stations in May and July.

The targeted petrol stations, in Paola, Zabbar, Attard, Qormi, St. Paul’s Bay and Mellieha, were all robbed during the night time.

Zammit, 37, of Tarxien, pleaded guilty to six counts of aggravated theft, three counts of criminal damage and one of breaching probation. She was also accused of recidivism.

“I’m obliged to inform you that following your admission you can be sent to prison,” said magistrate Neville Camilleri. “Do you need more time to reconsider?” “No,” she replied. “Do you confirm your guilty plea?” “Yes.”

Police Inspector Roderick Agius insisted on a custodial sentence, saying that the accused would be a danger to herself and others if returned to society.

“She has a drug problem, the company she keeps makes it difficult to rehabilitate her. She’s also a recidivist. Probation had already been given but she didn’t seize the chances offered to her by the courts. She should use her prison time to go to rehab and emerge a new and better person,” Agius said.

In submissions on punishment, legal aid lawyer Josette Sultana pointed out that the woman had admitted the charges at an early stage. “She wants to rehabilitate herself and I believe the punishment should be tempered by this fact.”

The amounts stolen were not substantial, added the lawyer.

The court said it would be sentencing the woman next week. Bail was not requested. 

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