Slight majority agree with MEA’s proposals on sick leave

A fifth of respondents said that they agreed with the proposal but did not feel that sports injuries should be included.

The majority of respondents in a survey carried out by Malta Today agreed with proposals made last week by the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA), in which they suggested that self-inflicted injuries should not form part of the sick leave provision.

Last week, The MEA argued that “self-inflicted unfitness for work” should not render an employee eligible for sick leave, even if the worker is certified unfit for work by his own doctor.

In its proposals to amendments to the Employment and Industrial Relations Act, the MEA said distinction has to be made between surgery for purely medical reasons and surgery for cosmetic reasons.

And in this week’s survey, a total of 399 persons – or 32.81% of respondents – felt that self-inflicted ailments like hangovers should not benefit from sick leave and a further 246 persons – or 20.23% - also agreed but did not feel that sports injuries should included.

On the other hand, 46.55% of the sample – which equates to 566 respondents - felt that employers should not be allowed to determine what MD-certified ailments benefit from sick leave.