PN’s proposals for disability sector: increased financial assistance, trust set-up

During a programme on NET TV, Simon Busuttil unveiled the PN’s proposals for persons with disability

The Nationalist Party is pledging to increase the financial assistance to persons with severe disability and who are unable to work. The increase, PN leader Simon Busuttil has pledged, will see the disability pension increased to match the minimum wage.

For those who suffer from a severe disability, but who are still able to work, will receive the disability pension in full without any reductions. Amputees will also be entitled to the disability pension.

These proposals, along with others, were delivered by the PN leader during a programme on NET TV.

“It’s not enough to have a strong economy if people do not reap the benefits,” Busuttil said.

He said, that a PN government, in partnership with parents, will set up trusts where both the government and the families pitch in in order to provide for the future of persons with disability when their parents pass away.

“We are calling them ‘Life Plans’,” Busuttil said.

The PN is also pledging to increase the number of small residential homes for persons with disability within the communities.

It is also committing itself to continue helping NGOs who work in the sector. “Some of them already have such contracts and we believe that this is the way to go,” Busuttil said.

He has also pledged to increase the children’s allowance while increasing the number of LSAs, in order to have more personnel available to work during the summer school hours.

Allowance given to assist persons who would need to make alterations to their homes in order to cater for specific requirements will also be increased.