Lawrence Gonzi concedes defeat, ‘opportunity for PN’s renewal’

Gonzi says Joseph Muscat 'now carries a heavy burden'.

Nationalist Party leader Lawrence Gonzi conceded defeat within 30 minutes of the start of vote-counting in the 2013 general elections, after sampling results gave Labour a reported 55% victory.

In a message on the PN's website, Gonzi thanked the Maltese electorate for their participation in the elections.

"I pledge that my colleagues and I will serve the Maltese people wholeheartedly from the Opposition benches in Parliament. As we have served to the best of our capabilities in Government, we will now do this from Opposition," he said.

Gonzi served two legislatures as prime minister from 2004, when he was elected PN leader.

He said the PN's defeat, was "an opportunity for renewal of [the] party."

Gonzi congratulated Labour leader Joseph Muscat, 39, who will be sworn in as Prime Minister tomorrow.

"He now carries a heavy burden. I look forward to seeing the Nationalist Party cooperate fully with the Labour government in ensuring Malta continues to create new jobs, educate and train our youngsters to the maximum, and that it invests further in health services, while the quality of life improves.

"Naturally, I fully respect the vote of all those who have voted Labour, AD or Independent yesterday as well as those who decided to abstain. I accept your decision with humility," Gonzi said.

The PN leader also thanked those who had contributed to the government and to the Nationalist Party. "I have seen many generous and genuine people who have worked very hard and our defeat is certainly not their fault. Huge and heartfelt thanks to all of you who have voted for the Nationalist Party yesterday. My message to all of you is courage; we shall continue to strive to represent you with positive, useful and effective initiatives in Parliament."

"PN's renewel" is but a pipe dream, looking at the same old faces re-elected.
Dr Gonzi sfortunatament kellek tispicca fuq tkaxkira manja...l-PN jinbidel biss meta jergaw jigu strutturati s-sezzjonijiet kollha tal-partit u li jkunu l-protagonisti (klien Joseph Muscat) li jwasslu l-ilmenti ta' dawk li m'ghandomx vuci b'hekk BISS il-wegghat jaslu f'widnejn il-partit li ghandu jinzel man-nies u ghan nies..illum tisthi jew tibza tidhol f'kazin politiku....dawn suppost li qedin hemm biex iwasslu l-kelma tal-partitarji KOMUNI.
Joseph Muscat 's winning strategy will be studied and copied not just in Malta but overseas too. Well done Joseph and team