Ramona Frendo nominated to serve on EU’s general court

The Maltese government has nominated lawyer Ramona Frendo to serve as judge on the EU’s general court

Ramona Frendo has been nominated to serve on the EU's general court
Ramona Frendo has been nominated to serve on the EU's general court

Ramona Frendo is government’s nominee to replace the outgoing judge Peter Xuereb on the EU’s general court.

The nomination was made by Justice Minister Owen Bonnici. She will have to be approved by the EU institutions before taking up the six-year term.

Xuereb has been nominated to serve as a judge on the European Court of Justice.

A lawyer for 22 years, Frendo has experience in civil, insurance, industrial, family and criminal law, complemented by consultancy and drafting services to commercial entities and public authorities.

She also served as member of the Justice Reform Commission in 2013 and served as chair of the Visa Working Party during the Maltese Presidency of the European Council in 2017.

Working closely with Council Legal Service, Frendo chaired monthly technical meetings of experts from EU Member States and Associated States, brokered an agreement on a council mandate to the European Commission to commence Visa Facilitation talks with a third country, negotiated an agreement on a long-outstanding, complex technical and political decision of the council, and represented council in Trilogues with the European Parliament, three of which were concluded successfully.

Frendo received her academic formation at the University of Malta, the University of Cambridge and most recently, at King’s College London, where she passed with distinction the Diploma in European Union Law.

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