David Casa appeals to MEPs to take immediate action on stranded migrants

PN MEP David Casa sent an email to all MEPs earlier this morning calling for representatives of member states to put money where their mouth is and replace 'declarations' of solidarity with an effective response

A migrant child aboard the Sea Watch vessel
A migrant child aboard the Sea Watch vessel

David Casa told his fellow MEPs from all member states this morning that declarations should be followed by immediate action on the migrant situation.

49 migrants are stranded on the NGO Sea-Watch vessel and have been aboard in limbo for the last two weeks without the promise of relocation.

A number of NGOs have earlier beseeched the Maltese government to take action, with PN MEP David Casa now joining the cause and asking all member states to take note.

"The responsibility for this impasse falls on us all. No member state has pledged to take in any of these vulnerable people," he told his colleagues.

Just yesterday the Maltese government said it will be granting any assistance to the Sea-Watch 3 and Prof Albrecht Penck in the case of any emergency, as it is bound to do by law, adding that it wanted to see conclusions on a relocation agreement concluded in the coming hours.

After two weeks on the vessel, a Sea-Watch spokesperson said that the psychological condition of the migrants on board is deteroriating. Their situation is dire.

Casa told the MEPs that he had sat for over 15 years of declarations inside the European Parliament calling for the safeguarding of human life.

"This is the time to put those words into action. Not through more declarations, but by using your influence with your respective governments to show true solidarity and offer refuge to the vulnerable people on board the Sea Watch vessels," he wrote.