Women’s Lobby disappointed at all-male TVM panels on election day

Malta Women’s Lobby calls on political parties to ensure candidate lists are truly representative of society by encouraging more women to actively participate in politics

The Malta Women’s Lobby has called on all political parties to ensure their candidate lists are truly representative of society by encouraging more women to actively participate in politics.

Noting that some political parties offered equal representation on the party ticket, the MWL said it was imperative that these lists include an equal number of women and men, providing the electorate with a genuine choice that is representative of the demographic.

“Having predominantly male candidates on the ballot sheet is unacceptable, and political parties must take decisive action to rectify this imbalance. Ensuring gender parity is not just a matter of fairness, but of enhancing the quality of our democratic processes,” the MWL said.

“Ultimately, the whole of our society benefits from diverse perspectives, and it is crucial that women have an equal opportunity to contribute to the political landscape.”

The MWL complained that women were also excluded from current affairs and political discussion programmes, particularly by the national broadcaster.

The Lobby said it was disappointed that during the election broadcast on TVM, the guest list was completely male-dominated.

“It perpetuates the false narrative that women are not considered capable or interested in participating in political discussions. This is wholly undemocratic, and we demand better treatment from those who should be setting the example.

“The Malta Women’s Lobby remains committed to advocating for gender equality and will continue to work towards a future where women are equally represented at all levels of governance.”

The MWL congratulated Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola on her re-election, in which she garnered well over 87,000 votes, an unprecedented 33.7% of the national vote.

“Metsola’s success highlights the trust that people have in her in representing our country at the European Parliament, and her political journey serves as an inspiration to women in Malta and beyond,” the MWL said.

“She stands as the only woman elected out of the six Maltese MEPs, which underscores a regression from past elections when Malta had an equal representation of three women and three men in the European Parliament. This underlines a significant step backward for gender equality in our political representation.”

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