[WATCH] St Patrick’s Day event could be cancelled: doctors discussing mass events

Covid-19 coronavirus precautions could lead to cancellation of mass events in Malta as well 

Malta’s public health superintendent Prof. Charmaine Gauci has hinted that mass events such as next Tuesday’s St Patrick’s Day in St Julian’s, could be cancelled. 

The precautions are the subject of discussions by Malta’s top doctors and the health minister, who is expected to address the House of Representatives at 4:30pm. 

Prof. Gauci has reminded the public to take all possible precautions to reduce contact by touch with people as well as ensure proper hygiene. 

A fourth case of Covid-19 was registered in Malta in an Italian worker, who was not in self-quarantine for the first two days after he arrrived from Italy on 27 February. Prof. Gauci said the man was diagnosed with coronavirus well into the incubation period.

In the early hours of Tuesday, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced an immediate travel ban for passengers between Malta and Italy. All flights have been suspended and sea transport links can be used only for the transit of goods. A cruise liner that was scheduled to visit Malta on Tuesday morning from Sicily was also stopped from entering Valletta.

She said doctors have so far carried out 256 tests on people reporting symptoms of fever, coughing or respiratory problems, as well as 369 swab tests, all having resulted in the negative for the coronavirus. 

“We continue making our evaluation of high-risk countries. Our doctors and experts carry out this assessment from WHO data and we also have real-time links with these countries. We have now added the Marche and Toscana regions as high-risk areas in Italy, so that we can guide people appropriately on getting tested,” Prof. Gauci said. 

With Italy in lockdown, Maltese people caught up inside the country have been asked to call the international Covid-19 helpline on +356 2204 2200, or by email at [email protected], to speak to diplomatic channels. 

  • Government of Malta COVID-19 Info Page. 

  • Call the Malta government COVID-19 helpline at 111. 

  • Call the Malta Department of Public Health Disease Surveillance Unit at +356-2132-4086 if you believe you have contracted COVID-19.