Corradino inmate who alleged ‘campaign of terror’, held in single cell under surveillance

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri confirms prisoner claiming he can tell all about a ‘campaign of terror’ is being monitored in a single cell room

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri
Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri

A prisoner claiming he can tell all about a “campaign of terror” in Malta’s prison is currently being held in a room under surveillance, according to the Home Affairs Minister.

Minister Byron Camilleri confirmed to journalists on Tuesday that Brian Vella, the prisoner in question, is being held in a single cell room, by himself, with cameras monitoring the area in order to protect him.

Beyond this, Camilleri said that he would not comment further on the issue out of principle.

Vella was convicted of a double murder of an elderly couple in Paola, whom he had held agains their will during a burglary.

A ministry spokesperson further clarified that Vella is still allowed to have breaks and continue with his normal prison routine.

Vella made waves in the media after claiming to have evidence of torture and terror at Corradino Correctional Facility. He said he is willing to confirm on oath that the infamous 'torture chair' in prison does, in fact, exist, and has been used several times.

In his court application filed last Thursday, Vella claims that the systematic mistreatment of prisoners is happening with the blessing of prisons directorn Lt Col. Alexander Dalli.

The operation of the Corradino Correctional Facility has been the subject of controversy over the years, with several deaths taking place at the prison. Camilleri addressed this on Tuesday, saying that from the four deaths that took place in prison during his time as minister, three of them have had their magisterial inquiry concluded.

According to Camilleri, the court found that there was no action from the prison staff that could have contributed to their deaths. “Today, in prison, there is order. There’s been a huge change compared to before 2013. Even if one simply asks the workers in the agency about this, they will tell you that there’s a difference,” he said.