Non-vaccinated travel ban could be discriminatory, EU warns

Brussels has already asked government for an explanation of the measures, a spokesperson said

The European Commission has raised concerns over Malta's ban on non-vaccinated travellers, warning that it could be discriminatory.

"We have concerns that the measures could discriminate against people who are not fully vaccinated," European Commissioner spokesperson Christian Wigand said on Monday.

Wigand was addressing a press briefing when he pointed out that any COVID-19 travel restrictions put in place must be proportionate and non-discriminatory.

"A vaccination certificate cannot be a precondition for the exercise of free movement, this is one of the main principles of the EU Digital COVID-19 certificate regulation," he said.

He added that the Commission has made contact with Malta on the issue, and has asked for an explanation of the measures.

The ban, set to come into effect on Wednesday, will see all travellers arriving in Malta present a recognised COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Children aged 5-11, accompanied by their parents, will have to present a negative PCR test. 

Children under 5 years old will not need to present a test.

The measures were announced following a sudden surge in COVID-19 cases, having gone from 28 active cases to over 600 in just two weeks.