PN promises flexible hours and hybrid work modes for every employee

A new Nationalist government will ensure that every employee would have a right to choose the hours of work and a number of days where they could work from home

A new Nationalist government promises to give a right to every employee, for temporal and spatial flexibility at work, in a proposal aimed at achieving better family-work life balance.

The proposal means that, in agreement with the employer, every employee would be able to choose the starting and finishing time of work, and also work a number of days from home.

Employers would also be obliged to observe those measures and offer an explanation in writing to justify refusal. The measures would also apply as long as prodcutivty levels are met.

PN MP Claudette Buttigieg said: “We want to keep people at the centre of our politics, but also the whole family”.

Marie Claire Zammit, from the Moviment Nisa PN said the party is promising gender equality and through these proposals, is facilitating a healthier balance between family and work.

She said a PN government promises a tax rebate to all employers that invest to improve furniture ergonomics and other services like Wifi at the home of employees doing remote work.

Another proposal is for employees who would be taking maternal/paternal/adoptive leave would have a right for 10 paid keeping in touch days.

PN employment spokesperson Jason Azzopardi asaid this would enable employees to stay in touch with ongoing training programmes. He also said that protection for pregnant women would start the moment that a pregnancy is disclosed to the employer.