PN requests urgent Petitions Committee meeting on cannabis legislation

Opposition formally writes to the Petitions Committee Chairman MP Joe Mizzi to discuss the petition made by multiple organisations against cannabis bill

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

The PN has called on Petitions Committee chairman Joe Mizzi, for an urgent meeting to discuss the petition that 53 organisations and individuals submitted against the cannabis bill.

The Opposition said that following the formal request made in Parliament on 7 December, it made contact with PL MP and Petitions Committee chairman Joe Mizzi, since it had received not reply.

"The Opposition formally wrote to the Chairman so that urgently, before a vote is taken with regards to the cannabis legislation on 14 December, the committee meeting is held," PN said in a statement on Friday.

In its letter, the Opposition emphasised that every procedure that exists in Parliament, could be amended or modified in agreement with both sides of the House.

"This means, that there should be no problems for the committee to meet, once the Government agrees with the Opposition that this is a serious, urgent matter of national importance."

"The members of the Opposition that form part of the Committee are disposed to meet at any time and day prior to the vote, so that the petition is discussed and the Government stops bypassing everyone," PN concluded. 

Last week the cannabis reform bill cleared commitee stage. Despite being against the reform, the Opposition MPs on the committee did not put forward any substantial amendments.

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