'You're afraid of Muscat,' Bernard Grech tells Abela

The Nationalist Party leader says Labour's nine years in government are characterised by 'corruption and confusion'

PN leader Bernard Grech in Parliament on Wednesday
PN leader Bernard Grech in Parliament on Wednesday

Nationalist leader Bernard Grech has told parliament that Robert Abela is afraid of his predecessor after spending two years trying to erase Joseph Muscat's legacy.

Grech said Abela's two-year tenure as prime minister was characterised by indecision.

Speaking in parliament on Wednesday during the Second Reading of the budget estimates Bill, Grech said,“I have no issues with my predecessor whereas, Robert Abela is afraid of his.”

The Opposition leader said Labour spent nine years in government characterised by "corruption and confusion”. He stated that with their vote for the budget bill, Labour MPs would be handing out €59 million to Steward Healthcare, when they owe some €37 million in unpaid VAT.

The Opposition leader said Labour did not create one new economic sector except for persons of trust, mentioning how 27 persons of trust are employed within the health ministry alone.

According to Grech, the government is wasting and spending tax payers’ money irresponsibly. “Due to confusion within Robert Abela’s government, people are not able to keep up with the rising cost of living. We will be there for these people.”

With regards to Muscat’s police raid and subsequent comments by Abela and Labour Whip Glenn Bedingfield on the institutions' role, Grech lashed out by saying, “democracy is based on autonomous and strong institutions that are free to work without fear.”

Grech argued that Abela attacks the institutions when they don’t act as he wants them to. “You only believe in yourself and you want everyone to act as it pleases you.”

He also touched upon Air Malta and its workers, who are currently in limbo after being told that half of the employees will be sacked. "This is your fault. This government’s incompetence destroyed these jobs."

“We will bring change to the country and we will keep on exposing how Robert Abela is treating people as fools,” Grech concluded.