Bolt Food couriers to strike on Friday over poor working conditions

The strike was prompted after a food courier was beaten up in Zabbar while picking up an order from a pizzeria

File photo
File photo

Bolt Food couriers will be striking on Friday over issues with their working conditions.

The couriers banded together after a food courier was beaten up in Zabbar while picking up an order from a pizzeria.

Soon after the incident, the couriers decided to take action and hold a strike in demand for better pay, especially given their poor working conditions.

Some 260 couriers are expected to take part in the strike on Friday, with some planning to continue the strike into the weekend.

Depending on the reaction of the company to the strike, some workers are willing to continue the strike over the coming weekends when demand is highest.

The strike was confirmed by a Bolt spokesperson, who said the company has kept regular contact with the couriers while “informing them of our new steps.”

“We are working towards optimizing the pricing that should have a positive impact on courier earnings within the next few days,” the spokesperson said. “Our goal is to provide high quality service to our customers and best earning opportunities to our couriers.”

In July 2021, in two separate applications filed before the commercial court, one of the shareholders in the company operating Bolt’s mobile-app technology – TXF Tech – has sued the same company and TXF Tunisia Holding for €1.6 million, over the non-payment of two constitutions of debt.

In April 2022, the company then started operating independently through its group companies after its partnership agreement with TXF Tech ended in March.