Police force confirms deputy chief Alexandra Mamo is retiring

Sources say public criticism against her was among the reasons for her decision to step down from deputy police commissioner post

Alexandra Mamo
Alexandra Mamo

The police force has confirmed Deputy Police Commissioner Alexandra Mamo will be retiring from active duty after months of speculation.

“Deputy Commissioner Dr Alexandra Mamo will be retiring from the Malta Police Force, following a sterling career spanning over 30 years of service to the Malta Police and the country,” a police spokesperson told MaltaToday.

Last Sunday MaltaToday reported that Mamo had been on long leave for at least three months. Sources said she was quickly becoming more frustrated with criticism levelled against her in the media.

Just last week, NGO Repubblika criticised Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg, Mamo and Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà for “performing summersaults” not to obey the order given to them by Magistrate Ian Farrugia in the Pilatus Bank case.

The police spokesperson said Mamo always served the various roles at the police force in a professional manner, and was even recognised for her service within the force by foreign institutions.

He also said that Mamo did not present a resignation letter, however, she applied for retirement as per procedure. Police officers are entitled to retire on full pension after 18 years of service in the police corps.

Mamo was the first female deputy police commissioner and led the revamped Finance Crimes Investigation Department over the past two years. On her watch, the FCID prosecuted several high profile money laundering cases but Mamo has come under fire over the handling of some cases, including the one concerning Pilatus Bank and its top officials.